CLIFFORD B. BOWYER is the creator and author of The Imperium Saga universe. He graduated from Bryant College with a degree in both Management and Marketing, and received his MBA from Babson College.

Bowyer's first published novel, The Impending Storm, marked the beginning of The Imperium Saga, a series that has since expanded into numerous novels. The original trilogy, Fall of the Imperium was written in conjunction with the young adult spin-off series, The Adventures of Kyria. There was also a stand alone book, Ilfanti and the Orb of Prophecy, and a collection of short stories written along with other authors of Silver Leaf Books, Tales of the Council of Elders. More recently a prequel to the Imperium Saga featuring fan favorite Warlord Braksis has been released, with The Warlord Trilogy.

Bowyer has dabbled in titles outside of his Imperium Saga series, including the family drama Continuing the Passion which he wrote as a tribute in honor of his father, the highly acclaimed romantic suspense Beyond Belief, and the psychological thriller Snapped.

Bowyer also combined his passion for Science Fiction, the military, espionage, and strong family ties to develop a new series, Gen-Ops, the first installment of which was launched February 2013. Bowyer hopes that his readers will embrace the series as much as they have The Imperium Saga for he has several books plotted out to follow up the initial release.

Bowyer continues working on developing future installments of The Imperium Saga and Gen-Ops novels, and an RPG game based upon his world.

Bowyer resides in Massachusetts with his wife Susan, their two children Helena and Andrew, and have a new baby on the way. When he isn't writing, Bowyer he spends time with his family, coaches and plays softball, and enjoys books and movies.

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