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The Warlord Trilogy


Title: Falestia

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Warlord Trilogy,  Book 1

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 360

Release Date: February 2013

Cover Price: $29.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-041-1

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-042-8


For generations the Troll Wars have ravaged the northern Imperial Highlands with no end in sight. Through it all, the people took solace in their faith that trolls were unorganized and incapable of doing more than causing a nuisance to those who lived outside of the cities. But something has changed.

A new troll leader, Matriarch Kovag, is exceptionally brutal and ruthless, seeing the human inhabitants as little more than an infestation that must be eradicated. Uniting the trolls against the Falestians, the daring attacks become unpredictable and even the most bold begin to fear that the time of man has come to an end.

Follow the heroes of Falestia as they desperately fight to defend their homeland, their families, their dreams, and their ideals against a seemingly unstoppable force that is overwhelming and terrifying. But will their combined efforts be enough to survive a prophecy that threatens to tear apart everything that the bold heroes are fighting so hard to achieve?

KING WORREN, An inspirational and charismatic leader with a dream for the future that is unrivaled in the human world. His determination to end the Troll Wars and usher in a new age for Falestia grabs the hearts of the people and those who would willingly sacrifice themselves in his name.

RAWTHORNE, The nephew of the King with thoughts of foreboding and signs that will lead to the destruction of everything he cherishes. The more he fights to change the future, the more he fears he will bring about the inevitable conclusion.

LORRENTS, Brother of the King and most loyal follower. Betrayed by those he trusted most, Lorrents finds his eyes opened to the possibilities that his brother has long-since spoken of and embraces the dream of a unified world. His efforts will either save or damn all of Falestia.

MATRIARCH KOVAG, The vicious and unscrupulous troll leader determined to eradicate the infestation that is man and see her people claim the Kingdom she believes is rightfully theirs.

PRINCE BRAKSIS, The son of the King and heir to the throne. The fate of not just Falestia but the entire world depends on him becoming the man he is meant to be. But to do so, he must first prove that legends are not born, but made through tragedy, hardships, and triumph.

Falestia marks triumphant return of The Imperium Saga and the beginning of The Warlord Trilogy. From the struggles and burdens of war, to the heartfelt bond of family and friendship, to the ultimate betrayal and tragedy, Bowyer continues the tradition of epic fantasy in a book that will leave readers craving more.



Title: Falestian Heir

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Warlord Trilogy,  Book 2

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 394

Release Date: September 2013

Cover Price: $29.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-043-5

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-044-2


The dream of a Kingdom free of war and discrimination became a reality until King Worren was ruthlessly betrayed and murdered. Trapped in a nightmare world, the allies of King Worren find their lives in jeopardy as they struggle to determine what really happened on that fateful night. On the run and in hiding, they wait for the time to be right to unite once more and reclaim what was lost.


This epic fantasy saga continues as the boy who is destined to become a legend must first learn how to survive in a world where everyone he ever knew and loved are lost to him and everything he encounters is a potential threat seeking to finish what had begun one fateful night in his homeland. Follow the adventures of Braksis as he seeks to forge new and reunite old alliances and reclaim the Kingdom that is rightfully his.



The true heir to the Falestian throne, thought murdered along with his parents but instead raised by the ancient enemy of his people: a Troll. He vows to become a man his father would be proud of and return to Falestia to seek vengeance, reclaim the throne, and resurrect a dream.



A legend in his own right, the man who united the Seven Kingdoms and brought stability to a war-torn land, Emperor Conrad sees hope and promise in Braksis and supports his efforts to reclaim Falestia. Dedicating Imperial aid can risk everything he worked so hard to create, but injustice must not go unanswered.



A warrior from another Kingdom who embraced the dream and vision of King Worren and made it his own, Kaden has become the embodiment of what it means to be Falestian. While others bide their time, he leads the resistance against the throne and builds an army that is ready to strike.



The man who is hailed as both the savior and destroyer of Falestia, Rawthorne must face his own inner demons about what he has done and accept fate for what it is. His only desire is to see Falestia prosper and to save it from the turmoil he was desperate to stop. But his own actions have caused far more harm than the trolls ever had, and coming to grips with that is maddening.


Falestian Heir is a tale of turmoil and triumph as Braksis begins to come into his own and become the man he was always meant to be. Picking up with the tragic events where the first book left off, readers will be faced with the chaos, confusion, and aftermath of an event that radically altered the fate of Falestia. Even as Braksis fights to seek vengeance and reclaim all that was lost, readers will be left with their hearts pounding in anticipation of the third and final installment of the series.



Title: Falestian Legend

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Warlord Trilogy,  Book 3

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 370

Release Date: February 2015

Cover Price: $29.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-045-9

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-046-6


The boy and true heir to the Falestian throne returned and reclaimed that which his cousin stole through treachery and deceit. But even as the combined forces of the allies cheer for their victory, the true scope of Rawthorne’s madness is unveiled as ancient enemies return to take advantage of the aftermath of war. Even if Braksis and his allies were to survive the new threat, they will learn that rebuilding Falestia and the dreams of King Worren is even more challenging than they would ever suspect.


When Braksis had last been in Falestia he was just an innocent boy. Now he returns as a triumphant warrior. His actions and decisions will turn him into a legend. Follow the adventures of Braksis as becomes the Warlord of legend and fights to make certain that what happened in Falestia never happens again.



The hero of Falestia who roams the realm seeking out those who would dare threaten the Imperium and all that it stands for. With his companions by his side, he fights with passion and conviction to help make the Imperium a better place for all of its citizens. But even a legend will learn that there is a fine line between confidence, cockiness, and recklessness; and it will be a costly lesson to learn.



The veteran knight and ally of Braksis’s father who never stopped believing in the dream of King Worren. He joins Braksis on his crusade to guide him and see him safely through the hardships. But he is far from the land he calls home and everything that he knows.



The barbarian who fought by Braksis’s side and vowed an oath of allegiance to the man. His strength, passion, and loyalty will be unwavering as he seeks out new adventures and new threats in service to a government he does not even consider his own.



The childhood friend of Braksis, the orc found herself bound to slavery after the murder of the King and Queen. Freed by her childhood friend, Niyilka swears that she will defend the boy she once knew, fight by his side always, and prove that she is no slave and as capable as any other companion.



The mystral warrior who pledges a lifedebt to Braksis and refuses to back down to anyone. She knows nothing of his past or who he had been, but sees the man he truly is inside and knows that their lives will forevermore be entwined. No matter what anyone else may think.


Falestian Legend completes the journey Braksis must undergo from child to hero of the Imperium. With the goals that had fueled him since the fateful night his world was turned upside down finally complete, he is free to explore who he is and wants to become, and finds that self-discovery is as challenging and with as many pitfalls as a virtuous mission. With personal moments of triumph and tragedy, Braksis must learn from his mistakes and call upon an inner strength he never knew he possessed.


Fall of the Imperium Trilogy


Title: The Impending Storm

Series: The Imperium Saga: Fall of the Imperium Trilogy,  Book 1

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 480

Release Date: December 2003

Cover Price: $27.95

Print ISBN: 978-0-9744354-4-2

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-000-8


From the first page, The Impending Storm grabs your attention with a vise-like grip and doesn’t loosen it even after you’ve finished the final paragraph. This new fantasy thriller by first-time novelist Clifford B. Bowyer takes you on a mythic journey into a richly detailed world like none you have ever known. Follow the trials and tribulations of Warlord Braksis, Empress Karleena, and the Madrew elf Kai as they seek to unravel a conspiracy that will impact the lives of the Seven Kingdoms forevermore. This marks the bold beginning of…



The Madrew elves, an ancient and noble civilization have abandoned their homeland as an insatiable force swept the land and left only desolate destruction in their wake. The few fortunate survivors look to the child of prophecy as their savior, a twelve-year-old girl known to them as the Chosen One. A trio of volunteers – Kai, Arifos, and Rulysta – is sent to the Seven Kingdoms to find and protect the child until she is old enough to fulfill her destiny.


The Seven Kingdoms, better known as the Imperium is beset by skirmishes with its dissatisfied citizens. A young Empress, Karleena, has recently claimed the throne after the assassination of her father. Though she craves peace and prosperity for the land, where all citizens are equals regardless of their station, the revolts have escalated to the brink of war.

Warlord Braksis, a defender of the Empress, finds himself thrust into battle after battle to preserve the Imperium. From the Dartian Plains where the Imperial Army confronts a legion of rebelling hunters, to a three-headed reptilian creature, to a Shadow Mage, Braksis must persevere or all may be lost.


During his trials, Braksis will ally himself with the Madrew elf Kai, as well as other heroes of the realm. He soon learns that the plight of the Imperium may have origins more sinister than dissatisfied citizens – a single tyrant, Zoldex, may be behind the revolts and attacks throughout the Imperium.


In several confrontations of good versus evil, Braksis, Karleena, and Kai find themselves in grave danger. Will they manage to overcome the forces amassed against them? Will they uncover Zoldex’s true scheme in time to save the Imperium? At every turn, a new danger emerges to bar their path and make the future of the Imperium look bleak. The heroes of the realm will soon learn that the struggle for harmony has a very dear price.


The Impending Storm marks the triumphant beginning of The Imperium Saga, a captivating new fantasy world where action and adventure, magic and mystery come together to create a story of epic proportions. In this fascinating first volume, Bowyer has created a magnificent world that is palpable and believable. It is an enthralling tale that skillfully draws readers into an enchanting society of heroes and hooligans, magic and monsters.


v v v v v


An evil tyrant weaves a tapestry of deception as he plots to conquer the Imperium. Only a few heroes are brave enough to uncover the mystery and face Zoldex directly.



The knight leading the Imperial Forces seeks to uncover the true threat to the Imperium.



The newly appointed Empress struggles with her ideals as she tries to end thousands of years of prejudice and conflict to help overcome a common adversary.



An elf from a foreign land on a quest to find the one child that is destined to save them all.



Title: The Changing Tides

Series: The Imperium Saga: Fall of the Imperium Trilogy,  Book 2

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 568

Release Date: May 2005

Cover Price: $27.95

Print ISBN: 978-0-9744354-5-9

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-001-5


An ancient tyrant has returned to the Seven Kingdoms. Those that would confront him have carefully been eliminated. Empress Karleena has been abducted, and with her, the hopes for the unification of the races. Warlord Braksis has been slain by his past, vanquishing the one warrior that was willing to look beyond the obvious and face the true threat. Admiral Morex, an elder leader and hero of the Imperium is lost at sea, eliminating the final voice for the ideals of the realm. The Madrew elf Kai is sent into a fold in time and space, leaving the one child that possibly could save them all alone.


The true intentions of Zoldex have yet to be revealed, but one thing appears to be certain:  The Age of the Imperium is almost at an end!


Bowyer presents the second installment in this epic fantasy saga in the Fall of the Imperium Trilogy, Book II: The Changing Tides. Picking up where the first book left off, readers will be thrust into the adventure from the very first page in a riveting and page turning masterpiece. Follow the heroes that survived in the aftermath through their struggles as the fate of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance.



The mystral warrior sworn to serve and protect Braksis is overrun by her grief and relentless determination to avenge her mate. Her journey for vengeance will bring her to the brink of disaster as she becomes clouded by her rage.



The dwarven hero leads a group of adventurers to the palace for the unification, only to discover that they are suspects in the Empress’s kidnapping. The companions will be forced to make difficult decisions as they struggle to regain their freedom, a quest that will find more hardships, battles and obstacles than any of the adventurers ever anticipated.



The leader of ISIA is confronted with the mystery of the death of King Sarlec and the abduction of Empress Karleena. At every turn, his efforts to put the pieces of the puzzle together before the Imperium is thrust into war with a neighboring nation are blocked, and the adlesian begins to see no way to avoid an unnecessary war.   


This is the continuation of…




Title: The Siege of Zoldex

Series: The Imperium Saga: Fall of the Imperium Trilogy,  Book 3

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 576

Release Date: February 2007

Cover Price: $29.95

Print ISBN: 978-0-9744354-6-6

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-002-2


The war for the Imperium has begun!

A year has passed since the forces of Zoldex first began arriving in Trespias. The time for his conquest has come! The dark Mage has waited long enough. His forces are vast and strong, and he is confident that nothing will stand in his path.

Follow the adventures of the heroes of the realm as they try to preserve the Imperium and confront Zoldex’s forces. Their hearts are true and their intentions noble, but will that be enough to overcome such overwhelming odds?

 This is the continuation of…



The mystral warrior finally content with life is dragged back into the conflict, fighting valiantly to preserve the ideals of the man she loves.



The dwarven hero embarks on a mission of vital importance that could shift the balance of power in the south. Failure would be devastating, but to achieve success means surrendering centuries of bitterness and prejudice.



The leader of ISIA finds himself trying desperately to save lives and prevent the massacre of the people at the hands of the legions of Zoldex. Forced to defend the front lines with little hope for reprieve, Adonis boldly faces the fate of the Imperium as vast armies leave nothing living in their wake.



The Madrew legend returns to the role he thrives on most: hunting and slaughtering the servants of Zoldex. Alone, however, he knows that there is little hope for the future, unless his fellow companions can successfully unite the races against a common foe.



The knight feared lost returns to a realm fraught with devastation. Can the symbol of the Imperium restore order, or is it too late to stop the sinister machinations of Zoldex?

The conclusion of the Fall of the Imperium Trilogy is gripping and exciting. The legions of Zoldex have swept the land, and their conquest is almost complete! The heroes of the realm struggle desperately to seek new alliances to combat the overwhelming forces of their foe. No matter how hard they try, the odds are against them, and the heroes find themselves being pushed back. The Imperium will truly fall, and life will never be the same again.


The Adventures of Kyria


Title: The Child of Prophecy

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 1

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 192

Release Date: September 2004

Cover Price: $5.99

Print ISBN: 978-09744354-0-4

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-003-9


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


Fleeing from their homes, the survivors of the once mighty Madrew are refugees searching to rebuild their civilization. The Elders have prophesized one individual, a child that will defeat the threat of the tyrant Zoldex and return the Madrew to their former glory. This child is Kyria, the Chosen One. 

Follow Kyria and her friends as they experience adventures like no other.  The first book in the series for younger readers begins with Kyria in her home, dealing with everyday life, until the mysterious change in behavior of the adults in her small village, and their eventual disappearance.  Follow Kyria as she helps her friends struggle to survive and uncover the true threat behind the corruption of the adults: none other than her prophesied nemesis, Zoldex.

The Child of Prophecy continues the adventures in this powerful and exciting new fantasy realm, The Imperium Saga. This spin-off series written by Clifford B. Bowyer is geared towards younger audiences as readers follow the adventures of the twelve-year-old Kyria. Through tragedy and triumph, she will fight to find a way to persevere and become the savior that she has been prophesied to be.



Title: The Awakening

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 2

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 192

Release Date: November 2004

Cover Price: $5.99

Print ISBN: 978-09744354-1-1

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-004-6


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


Surviving the aftermath of Arkham, Kyria finds herself with the Madrew elf Kai and far from her home. Fleeing from one danger after another, the two will make both friends and enemies as they struggle to elude the ever-increasing grasp of the tyrant Zoldex.

Kyria learns of the Madrew prophecy and must accept her destiny. Before she can be the Chosen One that will save the world, she must first survive the Awakening and a group of pursuers who will let nothing stand in their way from capturing her.

The Awakening is the second installment of The Adventures of Kyria,  a spin-off series of The Imperium Saga written by Clifford B. Bowyer.  A fast paced novel full of danger and hard choices, The Awakening is a non-stop thrill ride from beginning to end.



Title: The Mage's Council

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 3

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 192

Release Date: February 2005

Cover Price: $5.99

Print ISBN: 978-09744354-2-8

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-005-3


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


Nothing in her life could have ever prepared her for this. Kyria stepped into the Mage’s Council with unparalleled power and potential, but also with none of the discipline and training that a Mage of her age is accustomed to. Thrust into her new life at the Academy, Kyria will experience marvels and wonders at every turn, and the more she sees, the more she doubts that she will ever truly belong.

With new classes, schedules, lifestyles, friends and enemies, Kyria must adjust quickly to her new life. At every turn she is confronted with set backs, betrayal and frustration. Only with the help from unexpected sources could she hope to overcome her disadvantages and find a glimmer of hope that she can cling to.



Title: The Shard of Time

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 4

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 192

Release Date: September 2005

Cover Price: $5.99

Print ISBN: 978-09744354-3-5

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-006-0


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


The Mage’s Academy is like no other school in the Seven Kingdoms. Just when Kyria thought that she knew what to expect, she learns of the Shard of Time, a mystical artifact that has the power to send people back in time and experience events as they actually unfolded.

Determined to learn more about Zoldex, the foe that she is destined to defeat in the Madrew prophecy, Kyria and her newfound friends, Mica and Sartir, will risk everything to acquire the Shard and use it to go back in time.



Title: Trapped in Time

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 5

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 160

Release Date: September 2006

Cover Price: $5.99

Print ISBN: 978-09744354-7-3

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-007-7


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


The plan had been a simple one: use the Shard of Time, a mystical artifact that transports the user to any destination in time they wish to go, to learn more about Kyria’s arch nemesis, Zoldex. The plan went awry.

Now, Kyria, along with her best friends, Mica and Sartir, find themselves stranded thousands of years in the past, in a realm that is overrun by tyrants, war wizards, and evil sorcerers. It is a time before the dawn of Mages, and nothing that they had learned at the Mage Academy could possibly have prepared them for this.

Their only hope: to survive long enough to find the Shard of Time where it had originally been discovered, and use it to bring them safely home. On their journey, they shall learn that for a trio of children, even Mages, that the past was a dangerous place to be, and the chances for success is minimal.



Title: Quest for the Shard

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 6

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 176

Release Date: February 2007

Cover Price: $5.99

Print ISBN: 978-09744354-8-0

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-008-4


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


Stranded thousands of years in the past, Kyria, along with her best friends, Mica and Sartir, continue to search for the one artifact, the Shard of Time, that could possibly return them to where they belong.

With Sartir guiding them on their journey to find the Shard, their path has been difficult and traumatic, but the end is almost in sight. However, before they can reclaim the Shard and go back home, they need to survive the icy peaks of the Mourning Mountains, one of the most inhospitable and deadly places in all of the Seven Kingdoms.

The peaks have been known as Deathtrap, because if one survives the deadly terrain, the inhabitants who call the mountains home would certainly spell their doom. Kyria, Mica, and Sartir must brave the elements, the inhabitants, and more twists and turns than any of them had been prepared for, all, on their quest for the Shard.



Title: The Spread of Darkness

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 7

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 168

Release Date: September 2007

Cover Price: $5.99

Print ISBN: 978-0-9787782-1-7

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-009-1


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.



Home after a perilous journey into the past, Kyria and her best friends, Mica and Sartir, have to return to the life they had left behind months before, but thanks to the Shard of Time, the mystical artifact that swept them away on their journey, they look as if they did not age a single day.


The demands of the Mage’s Council are not easy ones, and though school is far less harsh than the unforgiving elements of the Mourning Mountains, Kyria will quickly learn that she has concerns of her own: the school year is almost over, and that brings far more challenges than she had ever imagined.


While growing accustomed to life at the Academy once more, Kyria can not help but feel as if the influence of Zoldex has somehow spread into her home. With her prophesied nemesis closing in, Kyria, Mica, and Sartir will soon realize that the ordeals they just faced are nothing compared to what is to come.



Title: The Apprentice of Zoldex

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 8

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 208

Release Date: September 2008

Cover Price: $5.99

Print ISBN: 978-0-9787782-2-4

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-010-7


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


What seemed like a never-ending school year has finally been concluded. With a week long look at festivities, parades, games, and relaxation, Kyria could not be happier with her life in the Mage's Academy. But with most things in life, you often find that what you want is that last thing you get.

With changing friendship dynamics, new courses to select for the new year, and Lumnia recruiters pestering her at every corner, Kyria finds herself hard pressed to truly enjoy her time off. But none of that compares to the series of sinister accidents that make it obvious: Zoldex's influence has entered the Academy.

Desperate to determine who is helping Zoldex and solve the mystery, Kyria and Mica try to identify suspects and see who could ultimately be targeting them. The list is long, covering almost everyone, including, to their dismay, their best friend Sartir! Can they figure out who the true Apprentice of Zoldex is before the evil plan is carried out? This time, without all of her friends by her side, Kyria doubts that she will be able to do so.



Title: The Darkness Within

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 9

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 158

Release Date: February 2009

Cover Price: $5.99

Print ISBN: 978-0-9787782-4-8

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-011-4


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


In the aftermath of the recent tragic events that befell all students of the Academy, the new school year comes with a loss of innocence, and a pressing need for children to grow up and learn of the unforgiving nature of the world around them. The normal course curriculum is altered to bring a higher emphasis on defending oneself, not only through physical means, but now with magical ones as well!

With the unprecedented event of learning magic for the first time prior to the Apprentice years, student are exposed to a wide array of magical acts and try to master their art. Through spells, enchantments, and magical items, every day becomes an adventure in discovery.

In the midst of it all, Kyria feels a darkness growing within her, consuming her, and slowly turning her into something that she dreads becoming. Unless she can find a way to control the evil festering within her veins, she fears that she may become as bad as Zoldex himself, and the fate of the realm would be lost.



Title: The Rescue of Nezbith

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 10

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 176

Release Date: July 2011

Cover Price: $7.99

Print ISBN: 978-0-9787782-5-5

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-012-1


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


With a new school year underway, Kyria begins her studies along with everyone else without having to try and catch up as she had the year before. She has her routine with her classes, her private sessions that help her to learn to control her exceptional abilities, and her new duties as the starting goalie for the Dragon’s Breath Lumnia team. Things should finally be going according to plan for Kyria, but things certainly were not.

Life in the Imperium has become increasingly dangerous with the rise of Zoldex, and the Council of Elders has decreed that all Mages return to the Mage’s Council. On top of the plight of the realm, Kyria has been having visions of her childhood friend, Nezbith, in desperate need of help. Relieved that her friend was not dead, but fearing that his current predicament was her fault, she is desperate to find some way to help him.

Confronted by the realization that she has been placing the lives of her friends—Mica, Sartir, and Tyrene—in jeopardy, Kyria decides that she must find a way to help Nezbith on her own. With guilt eating away at her from all sides, she makes mistakes that have dire consequences. Only with the help of her friends does she have a hope for succeeding, and in putting her faith in them, she learns the true value of friendship.



Title: The Responsibility of Arifos

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 11

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 170

Release Date: July 2011

Cover Price: $7.99

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-021-3

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-022-0


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


A full year since Kyria first set foot in the Mage’s Council, and she could hardly believe how different her life was. She had friends, she had teammates, she had instructors she liked, and she even enjoyed the classes she was taking. She was not sure how it happened, but Kyria had become a Mage in every sense of the word, and was enjoying every minute of it.

But according to the Madrew prophecy, Kyria’s destiny is not to just be a Mage, but to be the savior of the world. One of the Triad, the champion swordsman Arifos, risks everything to fulfill his obligation by protecting Kyria and helping her to fulfill the prophecy.

Taken forcibly from the place she now calls home, Kyria finds that the world has become very dangerous with the forces of Zoldex lurking around every corner. Arifos’s definition of protection put’s Kyria in more danger than she ever has been in before. Without her friends to help her, Kyria must struggle to survive in a world that has become deadly and foreign to her. Her only hope is to find a way to get back to the Mage’s Council and finish her studies so that she is ready to face the dangers of the world and find some way to live up to her prophesied destiny.



Title: Full Circle

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Book 12

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 184

Release Date: July 2011

Cover Price: $7.99

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-023-7

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-024-4


In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


Back where she felt that she belongs, Kyria returns to the Mage’s Council and begins making plans for her ultimate escape. She knows that Zoldex is coming, it’s only a matter of time, and she is determined to be ready for when he does.

Attempting to learn as much as she can before the siege of Zoldex, Kyria focuses on her studies and mastering her abilities. She has come far, but prays that it will be enough when the time finally comes.

On the night that Zoldex’s forces finally do march on  the Mage’s Council, Kyria takes the first step toward fulfilling her prophecy, becoming a leader and guiding her friends into a new path and direction for life. By returning to the beginning, where she first had her powers awakened, Kyria finds the path to her future, and boldly goes forth, knowing that nothing will ever be the same again.



Title: Transitions

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Adventures of Kyria, Special Edition

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 236

Release Date: September 2015

Cover Price: $24.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-025-1

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-026-8






In a time of great darkness, when evil sweeps the land, a prophecy foretells the coming of a savior, a child that will defeat the forces of evil and save the world. She is Kyria, the Chosen One.


After everything that Kyria and her closest friends have been through, their hardest challenge yet may just be experiencing the changes in life and how each of their decisions impact them all. The Mage's Council has been destroyed, and from the ruins, it is up to Kyria and her friendsMica, Sartir, and Tyreneto go on a dangerous quest that will either save the future of Mages or ultimately lose all hope of magic ever being restored in the Imperium.

They soon must come to terms with the fact that they have grown up in a deadly and dangerous world, and their calling and futures may not be the one that they had always expected to have happened. As life and tragedy weighs upon them, each mist make the decision to face the future in their own special way.

KYRIA, the child of prophecy destined to save the world is desperate to live up to her legacy and protect the ones that she loves.

MICA, the playful fairy who has always been by Kyria's side through thick and thin must come to grips that the best way to help Kyria is be leaving her side.

SARTIR, the loyal sabrenoh finds himself challenged in ways unexpected, and his path may need to be one of redemption, not salvation.

TYRENE, the dwarven healer has never felt comfortable with the adventures of her companions, but is determined to prove her worth.

KAI, the Madrew guardian sent to protect and guide Kyria struggles with the fact that the savior before her is not the girl Kai first met, and wonders just how she can help one who has become so independent and brave.

GRAZLIN, the minotaur warrior who has joined Kyria's crusade out of a sense of honor, and who has vowed to do whatever he can to help her fulfill her destiny.

TARWAS, the sarnal Gatherer who was once viewed as an enemy now will do anything he can to prove to Kyria that he is a true ally.

Transitions marks the end of the Adventures of Kyria, the end of childhood and innocence, and sees Kyria and her friends embark upon the next stages of their lives.


Additional Imperium Saga Titles


Title: Ilfanti and the Orb of Prophecy

Series: The Imperium Saga: Ilfanti

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 416

Release Date: February 2010

Cover Price: $19.95

Print ISBN: 978-0-9787782-7-9

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-013-8


The Empress has been kidnapped while in the midst of trying to unite the races. Her true whereabouts are unknown, but her return is vital to the survival of the Seven Kingdoms.


One dwarf, the Mage Ilfanti, is determined to find Karleena and return her to the realm to face the threat of Zoldex and fulfill her dream of unification. His mission will not be an easy one. He must journey far from the Imperium in search of a mystical artifact that will allow the wielder to have any one question answered. That question: “Where is Karleena?”


Follow Ilfanti as he returns to a life of an adventurer and battles against time to save the Imperium. Will he be able to find the mystical artifact and locate the Empress in time?


v v v v v


This has all the makings of a great tale: The realm is in peril; a kidnapped damsel in distress; and the old adventurer coming out of retirement for one final quest to find an artifact that will reveal the location of the Empress, bring her back, confront Zoldex, and then usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for all races.


No pressure.


Three centuries of rust and dust. Cala and Herg were right to be concerned. They were right to have doubts. A lot has changed in three hundred years; not counting my silken black hair that has been replaced by this whitish gray. I’m older than any dwarf has a right to be, and I actually think that I still matter, that I can still make a difference.


Maybe I am deluding myself. Then again, maybe not. I may be old, but I still feel as young and as energetic as when I was a Paladin. The years have treated me well. I never gave in to the passage of time. I always worked hard to make sure that I was physically fit. Perhaps I may fall a step or two behind my younger self, but I will keep up.


Yes, I will keep up. I will not give in to the norms of society. I will not be an elder that others look at and brush aside as being frail and weak. I will not be a burden on those I care about. I am Ilfanti. I am a dwarf. I am a Mage. I am going to find the Orb of Prophecy, then the Empress, then see this war through to the end, and when I do, I am going to dance on the top of Zoldex’s grave.



Title: Tales of the Council of Elders

Series: The Imperium Saga: Anthology

Authors: Karen Aragon, Brandon Barr, Clifford B. Bowyer, Stuart Clark, Mike Lynch, Ben Mitchell, B. Pine, Robb Webb, Brittany Westerberg

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 320

Release Date: May 2011

Cover Price: $19.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-027-5

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-028-2


Tales of the nine Mages who form the Council of Elders, the leading body of the Mage’s Council. Some of the most charismatic, influential, and powerful characters in all of the Imperium at last reveal parts of what has led them to be the Masters of all magical beings. Follow the adventures of the Council of Elders from the dawn of Mages straight through to the aftermath of the Siege of Zoldex. Written by Imperium Saga creator Clifford B. Bowyer and other Silver Leaf Books authors, including Brandon Barr, Stuart Clark, Mike Lynch, B. Pine, and Brittany Westerberg.

Survivors of the Siege


Title: Corruption

Series: The Imperium Saga: Survivors of the Siege, Book 1

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 266

Release Date: February 2016

Cover Price: $25.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-120-3

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-121-0


Prophecy. Destiny. Schemes. Manipulation. Powerful forces have been at work to prepare the Imperium and the world around it for the dark times to come. Savior. Guardian. Tyrant. Despot. Roles have been cast, and sides chosen. The victors. The losers. Good. Evil. Only history will determine who was who and pass judgment on the times that can only be considered the end of days by those who experienced them.


Zoldex and his legions have brought the once proud government of the Imperium to ruin, leaving an overwhelming sense of desperation and hopelessness to many of the survivors. His forces have spread out, claiming most of the land and dominating with an iron fist. Survivors of his siege seek salvation in the north, in Falestia, the only unconquered Kingdom of the realm. But even the glimmer of hope is threatened to be extinguished as Zoldex's forces hunt the survivors down.


A new world order is in place. A tyrant sits upon the throne, victorious. Even those who would resist struggle to band together and organize, leaving most to fend for themselves. Even the Chilf of Prophecy, Kyria, the last hope of so many, finds that fulfilling her destiny will be no easy task.


Corruption marks the beginning of a deadly new world, the foundation of Zoldex's reign. Seen through Zoldex's perspective, Bowyer's latest installment of The Imperium Saga will delve on the dark side and blur the lines of everything you know, or think that you know. Be warned, for once one is corrupted and let's darkness into their hearts, they'll forevermore be tainted.



Title: Uneasy Alliance

Series: The Imperium Saga: Survivors of the Siege, Book 2

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 282

Release Date: September 2016

Cover Price: $25.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-151-7

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-152-4


Assistance granted. Favors exchanged. Help provided. Lives saved. From the shadows these interactions have been as small as providing food when in need, to prophecies that toppled nations. All with the cryptic reply that one day a mysterious "employer" would need something in return. That day has finally come.


Arifos, the greatest Madrew warrior who ever lived is pulled away from his mission of vengeance against the legions of Zoldex as he fights to keep the Suspintian Forest free.


Kai, the Madrew protector of the Child of Prophecy is overseeing her recovery after she was dealt a near-fatal blow in a confrontation against Zoldex.


Kabilian, the collector of mystical items and self-proclaimed assassin is seeking his own fate before being swept up in the machinations of others.


Rawthorne, the tyrant who butchered his own family to claim the Falestian throne now serves Zoldex, but finds doubts and has many questions about just how he got here.


These four and their companions all have their own goals, their own agendas, their own sense of honor, yet all four must come together and form an uneasy alliance as their markers are all called in and they are forced together to deal with a threat from the past that they all thought was dead and buried. If they can work together, the debt will be paid. If not, an old enemy threatens to undermine everything that they work so hard to achieve.



Title: Resurrection

Series: The Imperium Saga: Survivors of the Siege, Book 3

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 262

Release Date: November 2017

Cover Price: $25.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-153-1

eBook: 978-1-60975-154-8


No society that is comprised of individuals throughout history has ever been perfect. There will always be those motivated by their own desires and needs and passions and fears that set them outside of the laws of the society that they belong. The Mages, as advanced as they are, are no exception to this rule. Those who violate the precepts of the Mage’s Council are dubbed Renegade Mages, regardless of their crime, and have a special branch of highly trained magic users, known as the Drannin, hunt them down and bring them back to face justice under the laws of their society.


But the days of the Drannin have come to an end, with only one survivor to the order, Master Aravinda. The Last Drannin, a Mage so feared that even those who would never even consider violating the Council’s rules back away from and try to avoid. In the dark days of Zoldex, when evil Mages run rampant and the world at large is suffering at the hands of Renegade Mages, it is time for the Drannin to be restored to its former glory. Handpicking the best and the brightest from the survivors of the Mage’s Academy, Master Aravinda is determined to build the next generation of Drannin.


Sartir, one of the best friends of the prophesied savior, Kyria, finds himself torn between guilt for the actions of a Shadow Lord trapped inside his body and his desire to always be by the Chosen One’s side. Ultimately deciding to become one of the new Drannin, he is determined to master the beast within and become worthy once more of being a companion of Kyria.


The new Drannin will have their hands full, though, as two threats loom on the horizon. Years ago, a single troll, Matriarch Kovag, united her people and led them on a crusade to cleanse the infestation that was humanity. Defeated by King Worren of Falestia, the trolls believe that one day she will return to unite them once more. That day has finally come, though Kovag is more than she was, and is reborn as a Mage. With the survivors of Zoldex’s siege migrating north to Falestia, a new troll threat within the borders would be devastating. Will the resurrection of Kovag seal the fate of those who would stand against Zoldex? Or does her return herald something different?


Princess Erlyn, niece of King Worren and cousin to Warlord Braksis, will lead famed heroes of Falestia to investigate the rumors of Kovag’s return. Along with Atherok, Shalin, Hallador, Davalos, and Zoaa, they will not back down from the rumors or the devastating memories of the past as they seek to find answers and deal with the troll threat. With Kovag being hunted by the Drannin and the legendary Falestians, will her return be thwarted before it has even begun?


Whether it is or not, the true threat may be the one that none of them see coming. As the Renegade Mage Crelestra returns to Grimsgaard, the wraith city that believes she is their God, to establish a foothold of power. She too is seeking Kovag under the orders of Zoldex, and she will not stop no matter who gets in her way. Master Aravinda has reason to know and fear Crelestra well, for she was the one who had slaughtered his fellow Drannin and left him as the last survivor. Will history repeat itself with his new Drannin?


The Drannin, the Falestians, the trolls, and the wraith all have their fates intertwined, and their final confrontation is inevitable. But who will survive, and how will the outcome impact the overall war with Zoldex? One thing is for certain, none of their lives will ever be the same again.






Title: Gen-Ops

Series: Gen-Ops

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 484

Release Date: February 2013

Cover Price: $24.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-037-4

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-038-1


Genetic manipulation and enhancement becomes the key to evolution being worked on by scientists from around the world who are privy to a discovery found in the heart of a catastrophic storm that devastated Earth. With the research conducted, test subjects show augmentation in all facets of being, from physical fitness to prowess to acuity. Beyond the obvious evolution to the test subjects, the discovery also led to vast scientific, medical, and militaristic breakthroughs that normally would have taken generations to achieve. But not all of the scientists on the project were willing to work in secrecy and with no personal gain. A handful of the lead scientists contacted foreign powers and agreed to sell the technology to the highest bidders as long as they were extracted.

Logan Stone, Captain of Shadow Recon was deployed to the secret underground facility that had been breached. Arriving too late, he and his team only found more questions than answers. Before they could discover what was really going on, they were pulled out by a classified military unit and ordered back to base.

Twenty years later, Stone had little care for what he had stumbled upon that night or for his life as a black-ops military leader at all. After losing his wife, Stone’s sole priority was raising his daughter and giving her a good and happy life. But no matter how hard he tried to keep her safe, circumstances keep trying to draw him back into a world where violence, mayhem, and plausible deniability dominate his every thought.

The technology is out there, the secret of the GENs is on the open market, and the government agency that had been tasked with recovering the technology or destroying all evidence of its existence has been targeted for assassination. Former Shadow Recon team member Alexander Hodge, the current United States President, reaches out to Stone to request aid. Reluctantly, Stone is drawn back into the fold, but not before he is provided a personal guarantee by the President to let him do things his way and with no oversight.

It is a race as Stone and his team fights to keep the true secret of the discovery from coming out and recover that which had been stolen. Gen-Ops combines military, espionage, intrigue, and strong character development in a fast-paced and dangerous not-too-distant future world where the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.




Title: Continuing the Passion

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 360

Release Date: May 2009

Cover Price: $18.95

Print ISBN: 978-0-9787782-6-2

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-014-5


Silver Leaf Books proudly presents a new type of novel full of emotion, drama, and life challenges that will touch each and every readers' souls.

Continuing the Passion follows the story of Connor Edmond Blake, a best-selling Fantasy and Science Fiction novelist who, after suffering the tragic and unexpected loss of his father decides that the best way to honor the memory of his father is by carrying on the legacy that his father left behind.

Connor’s father, William Edward Blake, was a Hall of Fame High School Baseball Coach who led his team to numerous state championships. Most of Connor’s memories and moments he shared with his father have something to do with and revolve around the sport of baseball. As a former coach himself, of a men’s softball team, Connor decides to at least make the attempt to coach a High School team in attempt to honor his father.

In the midst of his efforts, Connor is deeply entrenched in family concerns and doing his best to help his mother and siblings in this trying time. Rather than letting the death of his father crush him, Connor rises to the challenge, ready or not, and becomes the central figure in the family that is there for everyone else.

Through a new government program sponsored by the Governor, Connor is presented with the opportunity to become not just an assistant coach, but a head coach of a new school and baseball team. The school itself is a statewide school of choice in an attempt to reduce the stress and attendance of primarily inner city and other over-populated schools. In it’s inaugural year, there was little hope for an athletic program until the pursuit of Connor’s mission to honor his father attracted the attention of the Governor, Superintendent, and Principal, after a recommendation from the Principal of the school Connor’s father previously coached.

With assistant coaches from his softball days, years of drills, notes, and progress reports from his father, and a deeply ingrained knowledge and passion for the game, Connor begins his new career as a head baseball coach, hoping to live up to the name that his father had created. His task is not an easy one, with players who had never played before, establishing an entire athletic program, acquiring uniforms, funding, and even approving a schedule with the state league.

Through personality conflicts with members of the team, working to help a dyslexic player remain academically eligible, managing injuries, overcoming diversity and public scrutiny, and fighting to overcome additional tragedies that will impact every player on the team, Connor Blake will claim his father’s passion and struggle to persevere. He continues his father’s legacy, his passion, and slowly helps his family, and himself, move beyond the loss of the late William Edward Blake. 

Continuing the Passion is seen through the eyes of Connor Blake as he experiences the tragedy of the loss of his father, and his pursuit to help his family find a way to overcome the loss. In the end, after fulfilling his tribute to his father, Connor feels as if he did honor his father’s memory, and that if it were possible, his father was watching with love and pride.



Title: Beyond Belief

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 504

Release Date: July 2011

Cover Price: $24.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-035-0

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-036-7


Damon Burke had strong family values, a good career, money, friends, and the foundation for a successful life. But he still wanted more than just success in business, and craved the love of a woman and a family of his own. While he had numerous romances, Damon had always prioritized his career over his personal life and failed to find the elusive one to share it all with. That was until he came across the profile of Cassie Caniglia through an alumni network.

Cassie was gorgeous, exciting, enticing, and rich. With a renewed vigor to find personal happiness, Damon could not help but be allured by her and find himself dreaming of a future together. She was everything he had always been looking for, and more. Accepting that, he knew he had to tread carefully to make sure that his dreams did not wind up rushing and sabotaging reality.

But tragedy began drawing Damon into a most dangerous game where everything and everyone he loved was at risk because of his connection to Cassie. While she fights for her very survival to escape the torment of her mob-connected brother-in-law, Damon finds himself desperately trying to help her even knowing that doing so makes him a target. Beyond Belief is a romantic suspense that will lead you down a path so dark and twisted that you will begin to question just what is real and what is mere illusion.



Title: Snapped

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 296

Release Date: September 2013

Cover Price: $19.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-075-6

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-057-2


Alex Adams has always had a flair for excitement, the thrill of the moment, and pushing things to the edge. He is, always has been, and knows he always will be, a winner in everything that he does. His competitive nature has always driven him, pushing him to succeed in everything he does. Whether it's the sports he excels in, the academics that come easy to him, the charisma of his social life, or the career that he embraces, Alex only knows how to thrive.

Most who knew him felt he lived the perfect life. Everything came so easily to him, he always seemed so happy, and he even married his high school sweetheart. He had the perfect house, a perfect wife, and a perfect job. Or was it? Alex's world it turned upside-down when a cruel new manager, Maria Thompson, is promoted and becomes his boss. Alex finds himself pushed to the limit, acting in ways and doing things he never thought possible, and beginning to see all aspects of his life unravel all around him. Spiraling out of control, he seeks to find something to cling on to, trying to save his position at work, save his marriage, and save himself as his despair leads him to violence, an affair, and self destructive behavior. Alex knows that, for him, failure is not an option. So, the question becomes... how can one get away with murder?

Snapped is a psychological thriller that challenges even the most sane and successful of individuals and threatens to unleash the darkness locked deep within one's soul when pushed beyond one's limits.





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