Continuing the Passion

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 360

Release Date: May 2009

Cover Price: $18.95

Print ISBN: 978-0-9787782-6-2

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-014-5


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Silver Leaf Books proudly presents a new type of novel full of emotion, drama, and life challenges that will touch each and every readers' souls.

Continuing the Passion follows the story of Connor Edmond Blake, a best-selling Fantasy and Science Fiction novelist who, after suffering the tragic and unexpected loss of his father decides that the best way to honor the memory of his father is by carrying on the legacy that his father left behind.

Connorís father, William Edward Blake, was a Hall of Fame High School Baseball Coach who led his team to numerous state championships. Most of Connorís memories and moments he shared with his father have something to do with and revolve around the sport of baseball. As a former coach himself, of a menís softball team, Connor decides to at least make the attempt to coach a High School team in attempt to honor his father.

In the midst of his efforts, Connor is deeply entrenched in family concerns and doing his best to help his mother and siblings in this trying time. Rather than letting the death of his father crush him, Connor rises to the challenge, ready or not, and becomes the central figure in the family that is there for everyone else.

Through a new government program sponsored by the Governor, Connor is presented with the opportunity to become not just an assistant coach, but a head coach of a new school and baseball team. The school itself is a statewide school of choice in an attempt to reduce the stress and attendance of primarily inner city and other over-populated schools. In itís inaugural year, there was little hope for an athletic program until the pursuit of Connorís mission to honor his father attracted the attention of the Governor, Superintendent, and Principal, after a recommendation from the Principal of the school Connorís father previously coached.

With assistant coaches from his softball days, years of drills, notes, and progress reports from his father, and a deeply ingrained knowledge and passion for the game, Connor begins his new career as a head baseball coach, hoping to live up to the name that his father had created. His task is not an easy one, with players who had never played before, establishing an entire athletic program, acquiring uniforms, funding, and even approving a schedule with the state league.

Through personality conflicts with members of the team, working to help a dyslexic player remain academically eligible, managing injuries, overcoming diversity and public scrutiny, and fighting to overcome additional tragedies that will impact every player on the team, Connor Blake will claim his fatherís passion and struggle to persevere. He continues his fatherís legacy, his passion, and slowly helps his family, and himself, move beyond the loss of the late William Edward Blake. 

Continuing the Passion is seen through the eyes of Connor Blake as he experiences the tragedy of the loss of his father, and his pursuit to help his family find a way to overcome the loss. In the end, after fulfilling his tribute to his father, Connor feels as if he did honor his fatherís memory, and that if it were possible, his father was watching with love and pride.



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