Series: The Imperium Saga: The Warlord Trilogy,  Book 1

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 360

Release Date: February 2013

Cover Price: $29.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-041-1

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-042-8


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For generations the Troll Wars have ravaged the northern Imperial Highlands with no end in sight. Through it all, the people took solace in their faith that trolls were unorganized and incapable of doing more than causing a nuisance to those who lived outside of the cities. But something has changed.

A new troll leader, Matriarch Kovag, is exceptionally brutal and ruthless, seeing the human inhabitants as little more than an infestation that must be eradicated. Uniting the trolls against the Falestians, the daring attacks become unpredictable and even the most bold begin to fear that the time of man has come to an end.

Follow the heroes of Falestia as they desperately fight to defend their homeland, their families, their dreams, and their ideals against a seemingly unstoppable force that is overwhelming and terrifying. But will their combined efforts be enough to survive a prophecy that threatens to tear apart everything that the bold heroes are fighting so hard to achieve?

KING WORREN, An inspirational and charismatic leader with a dream for the future that is unrivaled in the human world. His determination to end the Troll Wars and usher in a new age for Falestia grabs the hearts of the people and those who would willingly sacrifice themselves in his name.

RAWTHORNE, The nephew of the King with thoughts of foreboding and signs that will lead to the destruction of everything he cherishes. The more he fights to change the future, the more he fears he will bring about the inevitable conclusion.

LORRENTS, Brother of the King and most loyal follower. Betrayed by those he trusted most, Lorrents finds his eyes opened to the possibilities that his brother has long-since spoken of and embraces the dream of a unified world. His efforts will either save or damn all of Falestia.

MATRIARCH KOVAG, The vicious and unscrupulous troll leader determined to eradicate the infestation that is man and see her people claim the Kingdom she believes is rightfully theirs.

PRINCE BRAKSIS, The son of the King and heir to the throne. The fate of not just Falestia but the entire world depends on him becoming the man he is meant to be. But to do so, he must first prove that legends are not born, but made through tragedy, hardships, and triumph.

Falestia marks triumphant return of The Imperium Saga and the beginning of The Warlord Trilogy. From the struggles and burdens of war, to the heartfelt bond of family and friendship, to the ultimate betrayal and tragedy, Bowyer continues the tradition of epic fantasy in a book that will leave readers craving more.


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