Falestian Legend

Series: The Imperium Saga: The Warlord Trilogy,  Book 3

Format: Hardcover

Pages: TBD

Release Date: February 2014

Cover Price: $29.95

Print ISBN: 978-1-60975-045-9

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-046-6


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The boy and true heir to the Falestian throne returned and reclaimed that which his cousin stole through treachery and deceit. But even as the combined forces of the allies cheer for their victory, the true scope of Rawthorne’s madness is unveiled as ancient enemies return to take advantage of the aftermath of war. Even if Braksis and his allies were to survive the new threat, they will learn that rebuilding Falestia and the dreams of King Worren is even more challenging than they would ever suspect.


When Braksis had last been in Falestia he was just an innocent boy. Now he returns as a triumphant warrior. His actions and decisions will turn him into a legend. Follow the adventures of Braksis as becomes the Warlord of legend and fights to make certain that what happened in Falestia never happens again.



The hero of Falestia who roams the realm seeking out those who would dare threaten the Imperium and all that it stands for. With his companions by his side, he fights with passion and conviction to help make the Imperium a better place for all of its citizens. But even a legend will learn that there is a fine line between confidence, cockiness, and recklessness; and it will be a costly lesson to learn.



The veteran knight and ally of Braksis’s father who never stopped believing in the dream of King Worren. He joins Braksis on his crusade to guide him and see him safely through the hardships. But he is far from the land he calls home and everything that he knows.



The barbarian who fought by Braksis’s side and vowed an oath of allegiance to the man. His strength, passion, and loyalty will be unwavering as he seeks out new adventures and new threats in service to a government he does not even consider his own.



The childhood friend of Braksis, the orc found herself bound to slavery after the murder of the King and Queen. Freed by her childhood friend, Niyilka swears that she will defend the boy she once knew, fight by his side always, and prove that she is no slave and as capable as any other companion.



The mystral warrior who pledges a lifedebt to Braksis and refuses to back down to anyone. She knows nothing of his past or who he had been, but sees the man he truly is inside and knows that their lives will forevermore be entwined. No matter what anyone else may think.


Falestian Legend completes the journey Braksis must undergo from child to hero of the Imperium. With the goals that had fueled him since the fateful night his world was turned upside down finally complete, he is free to explore who he is and wants to become, and finds that self-discovery is as challenging and with as many pitfalls as a virtuous mission. With personal moments of triumph and tragedy, Braksis must learn from his mistakes and call upon an inner strength he never knew he possessed.


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