The Impending Storm

Series: The Imperium Saga: Fall of the Imperium Trilogy,  Book 1

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 480

Release Date: December 2003

Cover Price: $27.95

Print ISBN: 978-0-9744354-4-2

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60975-000-8


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From the first page, The Impending Storm grabs your attention with a vise-like grip and doesn’t loosen it even after you’ve finished the final paragraph. This new fantasy thriller by first-time novelist Clifford B. Bowyer takes you on a mythic journey into a richly detailed world like none you have ever known. Follow the trials and tribulations of Warlord Braksis, Empress Karleena, and the Madrew elf Kai as they seek to unravel a conspiracy that will impact the lives of the Seven Kingdoms forevermore. This marks the bold beginning of…



The Madrew elves, an ancient and noble civilization have abandoned their homeland as an insatiable force swept the land and left only desolate destruction in their wake. The few fortunate survivors look to the child of prophecy as their savior, a twelve-year-old girl known to them as the Chosen One. A trio of volunteers – Kai, Arifos, and Rulysta – is sent to the Seven Kingdoms to find and protect the child until she is old enough to fulfill her destiny.


The Seven Kingdoms, better known as the Imperium is beset by skirmishes with its dissatisfied citizens. A young Empress, Karleena, has recently claimed the throne after the assassination of her father. Though she craves peace and prosperity for the land, where all citizens are equals regardless of their station, the revolts have escalated to the brink of war.

Warlord Braksis, a defender of the Empress, finds himself thrust into battle after battle to preserve the Imperium. From the Dartian Plains where the Imperial Army confronts a legion of rebelling hunters, to a three-headed reptilian creature, to a Shadow Mage, Braksis must persevere or all may be lost.


During his trials, Braksis will ally himself with the Madrew elf Kai, as well as other heroes of the realm. He soon learns that the plight of the Imperium may have origins more sinister than dissatisfied citizens – a single tyrant, Zoldex, may be behind the revolts and attacks throughout the Imperium.


In several confrontations of good versus evil, Braksis, Karleena, and Kai find themselves in grave danger. Will they manage to overcome the forces amassed against them? Will they uncover Zoldex’s true scheme in time to save the Imperium? At every turn, a new danger emerges to bar their path and make the future of the Imperium look bleak. The heroes of the realm will soon learn that the struggle for harmony has a very dear price.


The Impending Storm marks the triumphant beginning of The Imperium Saga, a captivating new fantasy world where action and adventure, magic and mystery come together to create a story of epic proportions. In this fascinating first volume, Bowyer has created a magnificent world that is palpable and believable. It is an enthralling tale that skillfully draws readers into an enchanting society of heroes and hooligans, magic and monsters.


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An evil tyrant weaves a tapestry of deception as he plots to conquer the Imperium. Only a few heroes are brave enough to uncover the mystery and face Zoldex directly.



The knight leading the Imperial Forces seeks to uncover the true threat to the Imperium.



The newly appointed Empress struggles with her ideals as she tries to end thousands of years of prejudice and conflict to help overcome a common adversary.



An elf from a foreign land on a quest to find the one child that is destined to save them all.


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