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When you partner with Clifford Bowyer and MortgageWorkshop, you get access to a broad spectrum of lenders and loan options - all with one point of contact. This allows you to do hat you do best, help your customers find their first home, their second home, or dream home.

Our team is ready to support you and your customers through the mortgage financing process.

We can work with you to provide prequalification and pre-approval options for your clients and will make sure that the entire closing and post-closing processes go smoothly.


At MortgageWorkshop, our difference is our service. We are committed to providing you and your clients with the information and resources needed to make sense of a changing financial marketplace. Our goal is not to sell you or your clients a loan. Our goal is to educate you - presenting the facts and the realities of each option - so that you and your client can make the most informed and responsible decision.


For Realtors looking to build a relationship with a Mortgage Broker, we offer a wide range pf personal services that can make your life a little easier. We know that it can be difficult matching the borrower with the loan. That's why we offer the tools and programs that you need to help your clients reach their goals.

We can accommodate your buyers whether they are looking for a straightforward conventional loan, an FHA loan, or have a non-traditional situation that needs special attention. We work with many different lenders and loan programs so we can provide your clients with multiple financing options, giving you the flexibility to adapt to today's changing real estate landscape.

Some of our loan programs include:


If you're ready to build a strong and lasting business relationship with one of the region's premier Mortgage Brokers, contact me to learn how we can help your clients find the right loan.

Clifford B. Bowyer, Residential Lending Specialist, MLO# 1472048  · MortgageWorkshop, Inc. is a licensed Massachusetts Mortgage Broker, MB # 57942, NMLS ID 57942.

As a broker, we arrange but do not make loans.   All Content Copyright 2018